Alain, Jehan                        Deux Chorales

                                                Variations sur un Theme de Clement Jannequin

                                                Le Jardin Suspendu


Albinoni                               Agadio in g minor

Alcock, Walter                   Introduction and Passacaglia

                                                Toccata in b minor

Andreiessen, Hedrick     Theme met Varaties



Bach, J S                               Complete Organ Works


Bach, CPE                            Sonata in A major

Bairstow, Edward             Sonata in Eb (Complete)

                                                Prelude in C

                                                Evening Song

                                                Three Short Preludes

                                                Prelude, Elergy and Toccata-Prelude

Baptiste, Euduordo         Offertoire in D

Barber, Samuel                 Adagio

Barie, A                                                Toccata in b minor

Boellmann, Leon              Suite Gothique(Introduction, Minuet, Priere & Toccata)

Bonnal, Ermend                                La Vallee du Behorleguy              

Bonnet, Josef                    Varaitions de Concert


Bossi, Enrico                       Scherzo in g minor

Bourgeois, Derek             Serenade

Boyce, William                   Voluntaries (various)

Brahms, Johannes           Chorale Preludes

Brewer, Herbert               Marche Heroique


Bridge, Frank                     Three Pieces


Bruhns, Nicolas                 Complete Organ Works

Buck, Dudley                      Variations on the Star Spangled Banner

Burrell, Diane                     St Brides, assisted by angels

Buxtehude, Diedrick       Passacaglia in d minor

                                                Ciaconne in C & e minor

                                                Praeludium in C, D, dmin, F-sharp min, g min (1&2)

                                                Toccata in F

Callahan, Charles              Partita on Duke Street

Camidge, Matthew         Concerto IV in G

Charpentier, M-A            Te Deum Prelude

Charpentier, Jacques     L’ange a la Trompette

Choveux, Nicholas           Variations on Caswall

                                                Three Pieces (March, Meditation & Intro & Toccata on Lasst uns erfern)

Clerambault, L-N              Suites 1 & 2

Cocker, Norman               Tuba Tune

                                                Four Pieces

Commette                          Scherzo in C

Cook, John                          Fanfare


Couperin, Louis                 Mass for the Covenant (complete)

                                                Mass for the Parish (Complete)


Czerny, Carl                        Complete Works


Darke, Harold                    Rhapsody

                                                Chorale Preludes on St Peter &  Darwall’s 148th

Daquin, L-C                         Various Noels

De Grigny, Nicolas           Complete Organ Works

De Lange, Samuel            Fantasie-Sonata No 2

De Maleingreau                                Suite Mariale

Demessieux, Jean           12 chorale Preludes

                                                Te Deum

Dickinson, Peter               Postlude on Adeste Fideles

Dubois, Th                           Fiat Lux

                                                Toccata in G

Dupre, Marcel                   Cortege e Litanie

                                                Variations on a Noel

                                                Trois Elevations

                                                Variations on Adeste Fideles

                                                Finale from Sept Pieces

                                                8 Short Preludes on Gregorian Themes

                                                Prelude & Fugue in E

                                                Prelude & Fugue in g minor

                                                Le Tombeau de Titelouze

Durufle, Maurice              Fugue sur le theme du Carillon des Heures

                                                Prelude & Fugue on a ALAIN

                                                Choral Varie : Veni Creator

Eben, Petr                           A Festive Voluntary on Good King Wenceslas

                                                Moto Ostinato from Sunday Music

Elgar, Edward                     Sonata in G (complete)

                                                Sonata No 2 in Bb             (Introduction, Toccata, Cathedral & Coda)

                                                Vesper Voluntaries (complete)

                                                Imperial March

                                                Chanson de Martin

                                                Chanson de Nuit


Edmundson, Garth          Toccata-Prelude onVom Himmel hoch


Faure, G                               Pavane

Festing, M                           Largo, Allegro, Aria & Two variations

Fletcher, Percy                  Festive Toccata

Franck, Cesar                     Chorales No 1 – 3 (E maj, b min & a min)


                                                Prelude, Fugue and Variations

                                                Piece Heroquie




German. Edward              Coronation March & Hymn (arr. James Brown)

Glasunow, A                      Prelude and Fugue in D

Gigout, Euguene              Scherzo in E

                                                Toccata in b minor

                                                Varaitions de Noel

                                                Grand Choeur Dialogue

Grainger, Percy                 Handel in the Strand

Gray, Alan                           Introduction and Passacaglia

Grison, Jules                      Toccata in F minor

Grunenwald, J-J                               Adoratio

Guilmant, Alexandre      Sonata No 1 in d minor (Introduction & Allegro, Pastorale & Finale)

                                                Sonata No 2 in D major

                                                Sonata No 3 in c minor   (complete)

                                                Sonata No 5 in c minor (complete)

                                                Paraphrase on a theme of Handel “See the conquering hero comes”

                                                March on a theme of Handel “Lift up your heads”

                                                Grand Choeur in Eb


Hakim, Naji                         Mariales

Handel, G F                         Hallelujah Chorus

                                                Various Concerti

Harris, Wiliiam                   Fanatsia on Babylons Streams

                                                Flourish for an Occasion

                                                Miniature Suite

Harwood, Basil                  Sonata No 1 in C sharp minor

                                                Three Cathedral Preludes


Haydn, J                               Eight Pieces for Musical Clocks

Hindemith, Paul                                3 Sonatas

Hoffmeister                       Meditation in f

Hollins, Alfred                    Christmas Cradle Song

                                                Trumpet Minuet

Hovland, Egil                      Toccata on Now Thank we all our God

How, Martin                       Elergy

                                                Homage to Elgar

Howells                , Herbert              Six Pieces (Complete)

                                                Siciliano for a High Ceremony

                                                Rhapsody No 3 in C sharp minor

                                                Rhapsody IV

                                                Psalm Preludes Set 1 & 2 (complete)

Humperdinck,                   Overture to Hansel und Gretel

                                                Angel Scene from Hansel und Gretel


Ireland, John                      Complete Organ Works


Ives, Charles                      Varaitions on America

Ives, Grayston                   Intrada


Jackson, Francis                                Impromptu

                                                Toccata from Toccata, Chorale & Fugue


Johnson, David                 Trumpet Tune in Eb

                                                Trumpet Tune in D

                                                Trumpet Tune in C

Jongen, Josef                    Chant de Mai




                                                Toccata in Db


Karg-Elert, Siegfried        March Triompale on Nun Danket & Various Chorale Improvisations

                                                Trois Impressions

Kohler, Ernest                   Variations on Deutschland uber Alles


Lang, C S                              Tuba Tune

Langlais, J                            Poemes Evangeliques (L’Annonciation, La Nativite & Les Rameaux)

                                                Three Characteristic Pieces

                                                Hymn d’action Te Deum

                                                Huit Pieces Modales

                                                Nazard, from Suite Francaise

Lanquetuit, Marcel          Toccata in D

Lefebure-Wely                 Sortie in Bb

                                                Sortie in Eb

Leighton, Kenneth          Six Fantasies on Hymn Tunes

Lemare, Edwin                  Andantino in Db

                                                Concert Fantasia on Sea Songs

                                                Toccata and Fugue in d minor

                                                Twilight Sketches

Lemmens, J-N                   Fanfare in D

Ley, Henry                          Prelude on Down Ampney

Leyding, George               Complete Organ Works

Lidon, Jose                          Sonata de 1st Tono

Liszt, Franz                          Fantasia & Fugue on BACH

Locklair, Dan                       The peace may be exchanged & The people respond – Amen (Rubrics)


Mascagni, Pietro              Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana

Martin, E                              Evensong

Mathias, William               Recessional




Meale, J A                           A Song of the Breeze


Mendelssohn, Felix        Complete Organ Works


Messiaen, Olivier             Le Banquet Celeste

                                                La Nativite (complete)

                                                L’Ascension (complete)

Meyerbeer, G                   Coronation March from Le Prophete

Mozart, W A                       Fantasia in F minor, K594

                                                Fantasia in F minor, K 608

                                                Andante in F, K 616

Mulet, H                              Rosace


                                                Tue s Petra

                                                Carillon Sortie

Murrill, Herbert                                Carillon


Ogden, Nigel                      England’s Glory

                                                Saints on a spree

                                                All Saints

Oldroyd, George              Three Liturgical Improvisations


Pachabel, Johann             Canon in D

                                                Praeludium in d min,

                                                Ciacona in d min

                                                Ciacona in f min

Parry, Charles H H            Chorale Preludes  (Two sets)

                                                Elergy in Ab

                                                Fantasia & Fugue in G (The Wanderer)

Peeters, Flor                      Suite Modale

                                                Varations on King Jesus hath a garden


Pierne, Gabriel                  Trois Pieces

Planyavasky, Peter          Toccata alla Rumba

Porter-Brown, Reginald                Tuba Tune

Preston, Simon                 Allelujahs

Prizeman, Robert             Toccata for Organ – Songs of praise

Purcell, Henry                    Trumpet Tunes

                                                Voluntaries (various)


Rachmaninoff, S               Vocalise

Rawsthorne, Noel           Nautical Extravaganza _ Hornpipe Humoresque

                                                Dance Suite

 Reger, Max                        Toccata and Fugue in d/D

                                                Introduction and Passacaglia in d minor


Renaud, Albert                 Toccata

Rheinberger, Josef          Sonata No 1 in c minor

                                                Sonata No 4 in a minor

                                                Sonata No 7 in f minor

                                                Sonata No 8 in e minor

                                                Sonata No 11 in d minor

                                                Sonata No 20 in F major

Reubke,                               Sonata on the 94th Psalm (complete)

Ritter, August                    Sonata No 3 in a min

Rogg, Lionel                        Partita on Nun freut Euch

Rossini, G                            Overture to William Tell

Rowley, Alex                      Plainsong Preludes : Resurgam I

                                                The Boyhood of Christ

Russell, William                 Voluntaries (complete)

Rutter, John                       Toccata in Seven

                                                Variations on an Easter Theme (Duet)

Saint-Saens, C                   Fantasia in Eb

                                                Fantasia in Db

                                                Fantasia in C

                                                Improvisations (1 – 7)

Sark, Einar                           Toccata Primi Toni

Schumann, Robert          Four Sketches

                                                Six Studies

                                                Fugue on B A C H No 2 in Bb

Shearing, George             Amazing Grace

Sibelius, J                             Finlandia

Slater, Gordon                  An Easter Allelujah


Smart, Henry                     Postlude in C

                                                Postlude in D

Somervell, Arthur            Air in C

Sowande, Fela                  Joshua fit de Battle ob Jericho

Stanford, Sir C V               Fantasia & Fugue in d minor, Op 103

                                                Fantasia & Toccata in d minor, Op 57

                                                Postlude in d minor, Op 105

                                                Sonata Eorica

Sumsion, Herbert            Allegretto

                                                The Holly and the Ivy

                                                Cradle Song

                                                Introduction  and Theme

Swanson, Walter              Pastorale in G

                                                Tune for a new organ

                                                Air from a Pint Size Suite


                                                Paraphrase on Stabat Mater

Sweelinck                            Variations on My Young Life hath an end

Thalben Ball, George      Elegy in Bb

                                                Varations on a theme of Pagini

                                                Tune in E

Thiman, Eric                        Tune for the Tuba

                                                Improvisation on Crimond

Tournemire, Charles       Symphonie-Chorale in Six Parts (complete)

                                                Sortie in G


Travis, Albert                     Variations on Acclamations

Vaughan-Williams, RalphThree Welsh Hymn Tune Prelude Rhosymedere & Hyfrydol

Vergolet, Paul                   Storm Fantasy

Vierne, Louis                      Symphonie No 1 (complete)

                                                Symphonie No 2(Allegro & Scherzo)

                                                Symphonie No 3 (Allegro, Cantilene & Adagio)

                                                Symphonie No 4 (complete)

                                                Symphonie No 6 (Finale)

                                                Allegretto, Op 1


Fantasie Pieces (Prelude, Andantino, Marche nuptial, Clair de Lune, Toccata, Etoile du soir, Carillon de Westminster, Resignation, Cathedrales, Naiades, Les cloches de Hinckley

24 Pieces (various)


Wagner, Richard               Overture to Die Meistersinger

Walford Davies, Henry   Interlude in c

Walton, William                Crown Imperial March

                                                Orb and Sceptre March

Weitz, Guy                          Grand Choeur

Wesley, S S                         Choral Song & Fugue

                                                Largetto in F sharp minor

                                                Introduction and Fugue in C sharp minor

                                                Duet for organ

                                                Holsworthy Church Bells

 Whitlock, Percy                Hymn Tune Preludes      (complete)

                                                Fives Pieces  (complete)

                                                Four Extemporisations (complete)

                                                Plymouth Suite (complete)

                                                Sonata in C minor (complete)

                                                Fantasie Chorale No 2 in F sharp minor

Widor, Charles-M            Symphony No 1                Marche Nuptial

                                                Symphony No 2 (complete)

                                                Symphony No 4 (complete)

                                                Symphony No 5  (complete)

                                                Symphony No 6 (complete)

Willan, Healey                   Introduction and Passacaglia

                                                Passacaglia and Fugue in e minor

Willcocks, David                Variations on Breslau

Wills, Arthur                       Homage to Howells

                                                Variations on Amazing grace

                                                Lullaby for a Royal Prince

Yon, Pietro                          Humoresque Scherzo